July 19, 2018


I’ve been a natural health consultant since 1996. I started promoting rock concerts in 2013. These two wildly different gigs have given me a unique perspective on the topic of natural hang-over cures! In truth, you have not had a hang-over until you have partied all weekend with 80s rock bands. Needless to say that the best cure for the hang-over is to not drink. But what are the odds of that?


When we drink alcohol, it takes its toll on all body systems. The attack begins with dehydration and vitamin and mineral depletion. It spikes blood sugar and overloads our liver in it’s vain efforts to get rid of your favorite toxin. It disrupts sleeping patterns and human growth hormone production. Leaving you to face the morning both shaken and stirred - searching for your sunglasses and pain killers.


I keep these 3 hang-over tools on hand. My favorite is a product called Emergen- C. These tiny packets are kryptonite to a hang-over. They provide a full does of the needed minerals, 1000mg of vitamin C and a quick hydration boost that can kill the headache and get you feeling better fast. They run between $10.00 and $15.00 for a box of 30 packets – so your set for a few more bad decisions.


Next on the list is Liquid B-12 spray. This is a big one, B vitamins are hit hard by drinking. Without B-12 we do not produce Melatonin (our sleepy time brain chemical). We, also, feel weak and tried. This spray works wonders. Sprayed under the tongue for quick absorption and will have you on the road to recovery fast. With 1000mcg per does it has 100’s does per 15.00 bottle.


To easy that sick feeling in the stomach, use George’s Aloe Vera Juice. George’s is distilled and tasted like water (really – no taste at all!) and it will put your aching belly right in a few ounces. A 32oz bottles is around $10.00 - so keep it around for any bad stomach day.


Lastly, the morning after requires low sugar, non processed foods and pure clean water. Once the belly is up to it, soft eggs and some whole grain toast is best. Try not to drink coffee And never – EVER drink alcohol to get well. All of the above (and much more) can be found at Nature’s Market Health Foods right here in Melbourne.


Remember, the human body demands balance but we have a head that loves extremes. So take it easy on it when you can and when you can’t, do not suffer – solve the problem.

Be well

R. Hendry.







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